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Property Law - Practice areas - MS Partners

Practice areas - Property Law

Manev&Partners has experienced lawyers and provides high-quality legal services and representation before the competent authorities in the field of acquiring, management, development and disposition of property rights, securities, analysis of property market values and purposes. In addition the firm offers consultations in the field of investments in properties, participation in investment projects connected to construction and coordination of the complete execution of the project.

The services offered by Manev&Partners include:

1. Consultations when purchasing a property

  • Detailed analysis of the legal statute of the properties and their individualization, inspection of the documents for ownership of the seller, co-ownership relationships, existence of property charges, existence of property, contractual or administrative obstacles for acquiring of the property;
  • Consulting the process of infrastructure and building parameters of the property examination;
  • Professional negotiating;
  • Legal support in obtaining documents related to the seller, necessary for the deal;
  • Preparation of a preliminary and final contract for the sale with a careful analysis of all legal aspects of protection of the interests of the buyer;
  • Consultation for security schemes for securing the interests of the buyer when paying the price (bank guarantee, blocking of bank accounts).

2. Consultations when establishing a building lease for compensation:

  • Consulting the process of negotiation of the parameters of the compensation;
  • Preparation of a preliminary contract;
  • Preparation of the required documents and organizing the deal before a notary public;
  • Coordinating the execution of the various stages of construction until the handover of the property with a use permit;

3. Consultations for designing and construction:

  • Consulting the process of design of the building;
  • Consulting the process of concerting the projects with the respective state or community authorities and institutions, procedures for notifying the third parties concerned;
  • Consulting the process of changing of the Working and Detailed town plan in connection to the construction of the building;
  • Legal support when obtaining a permit for research and design,  construction permit and other construction documents;
  • Preparing contracts for designing services, construction contracts and other contracts between the buyer and third parties, connected to the construction of the building;
  • Preparing and filing of requests, declarations and others in connection to obtaining the respective documents and certificates from the competent state and communal authorities and institutions for the purposes of the construction fo the building;

4. Consultations when selling the objects within the building:

  • Advertising of the objects to be sold (apartments, stores, garages and parking places);
  • Research of the property market in the region where the objects being sold are situated;
  • Organizing the search for potential buyers of the objects, including through real estate agencies;
  • Presenting adequate information for the objects being sold to potential buyers;
  • Undertaking the required legal and real actions for preparation and conclusion of preliminary contracts for selling of the objects;
  • Negotiating with the buyers;
  • Assistance for obtaining the necessary documents, required for the transfer of ownership of the objects;
  • Organizing of completing of the deal before a notary public;
  • Legal and real actions for realizing the responsibility of the buyers for failing to fulfill obligations, deriving from the preliminary contract;

5. Consultations for managing of properties:

  • Lending and leasing;
  • Legal and real actions for realizing the responsibility of the lessee for failing to fulfill obligations, deriving from the contract for lease;

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