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The European Parliament accepted unitary patent protection

14 December 2012

European Union countries will finally have their unitary patent system. Various projects for creating unitary patent have been debated over last 30 years; now the system is real. On Tuesday, the European Parliament accepted and voted positively to the creation of unitary patent.

The project aims to facilitate the procedure for obtaining patents, reduce significantly the cost of the tremendously high expenses that the inventors are facing currently and stimulate the European development through new inventions. The project has been unanimously supported by the Ministers of industry of 25 countries.

The patents granted through the new procedure will be translated into 3 languages only - English, German and French, which rose objections by Spain and Italy. They refused to join the project, protesting against the proposed language regime. Though, it's expected that they will join the unitary patent system on a later stage.

The taxes, paid by the inventors in order to get protection, currently are extremely high. The price for a unitary patent, granted through the new procedure will be several times lower than the same in USA, which was considered for abnormally law compared to the same in Europe until now.  

With the unitary patent, only one application will be necessary to protect a patent in all Europe countries in contrast to the current situation where it has to be validated and accepted in each country of the EU in which the applicant would like to gain protection.

It's expected the first unitary patent to be granted in the spring of 2014.

In Manev & Partners we appreciate the advantages of the unitary patent as we see it as indispensable and advanced method for protection of inventor's rights and look forward to use it in providing even better quality in defending our clients' interests. 

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