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Managing IP: Bulgarian BPO – An anti-counterfeiting crusader

10 November 2010

One of the leading editions in the field of IP - the British magazine "Managing Intellectual Property" - has paid special attention to Bulgaria and the Bulgarian Patent Office (BPO) in its October issue. The BPO is described as "an anti-counterfeiting crusader" by author Simon Crompton, who has made an overview of the expansion of the activities of several European offices from the mere registration of IP objects into more and more additional services designed to help proprietors in the defense of their rights. The reason behind this definition are the good results, yielded by the administrative procedures against trademark infringers. The author points out the benefits of this procedure as well as the fact that this procedure is very popular with the holders of major worldwide brands, who are most frequently affected by IP infringement, quoting attorney Vassil Pavlov of MS Partners - a long-term IP representative of French giant LACOSTE, who says that the relatively quick and effective administrative procedure has had a definite success and in the last years has lead to a clearly visible reduction of the amount of counterfeit goods, offered for sale in the large Black Sea and mountain resorts in Bulgaria.

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Manev & Partners – host of the annual AVRIO Advocati Autumn Conference 2017

Mr. Kostadin Manev, Managing Partner at Manev & Partners., was elected as Arbitrator and member of the Arbitration Council of KRIB Court of Arbitration

20 years IP protection in Europe – 20 years of OHIM

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Bulgarian Patent Office introduces changes in the designation of goods and services when filing an application for trademark

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The European Parliament accepted unitary patent protection

OHIM introduces guidelines on trademark and design practices

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