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Copyright problem with Michael Jackson’s new song “This is it”.

17 November 2009

According to the information of many reputed media including the TMZ magazine, The New York Times, USA Today and MTV the song "This is it" released on October 12, 2009 as a song written by Michael Jackson is actually a song written and recorded by Paul Anka and Michael Jackson in 1983. Paul Anka stated that the song was recorded for a duet intended between him and Jackson on his album "Walk a Fine Line" under the original title of "I Never Heard". It was later included in the album of R&B singer Sa-Fire "I Wasn't Born Yesterday", which gave songwriting credit to Mr. Jackson and Paul Anka.
The demo of the song was recorded in Anka's studio in Carmel, CA and the tape was sent to a studio in Hollywood for finishing touches. Anka claims Jackson "stole the tapes" from the studio, then he threatened to sue to get them back and now has the original multitrack tapes in his possession, along with documentation that the copyright for the song was held by both. However only Jackson is credited writing the song in the booklet of the "This Is It" Album of Michael Jackson released this year. The record executive and producer John Mc.Clain now acknowledges the co-authorship of Paul Anka and promised "all due credit and royalties."  

Source of information: The New York Times


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